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PMLP Crafts New Forum Format

Update on Peabody Municipal Light Plant’s continuation of their Energy Forum that met last in September 2022: It seems PMLP continues to want to control information that residents seek. If you submit a question online by the April 21, 2023 forum deadline, you’ll get an answer at the June 21, 2023 forum. A question submitted in March has to wait until June for an answer – if they decide to respond?

It reminds me of the public participation portion of their meeting which was revamped to restrict questions to items on that night’s agenda and public comments are restricted to ten minutes. (Except for candidates who lost the recent election to the commission! At the February 2023 meeting, the Commission allowed these individuals to address the Commission. There was no time limit on their comments and no other people were invited to speak. Commissioner Melvin let the speakers know that, in future, they would need to abide by the rules governing public participation – like everyone else!)

The Commission’s routinely short meetings continue to be live only with no representation on local cable access. (?) Seems like they still don’t want to hear from us. Is that true community engagement? We’re interested in their future energy plans, such as the recently announced results of the Forward Capacity Auction released by ISO-NE. #StopPeabodyPeakers

The Commission meets tonight at 6:30pm, 201 Warren St., Ext.