Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 9/20/22 from 6:30pm to about 8pm. Here is the link. All are welcome! We’re looking forward to a productive discussion on where we stand and next steps!

On Thursday afternoon 9/15/22, the Peabody Board of Health held a public meeting at Peabody City hall. Kathryn Rogers, a PHD intern at MCAN (Mass Climate Action Network) presented a health data study and analysis she prepared on behalf of MCAN and BCNS (as an MCAN chapter) to the board and the attending public.

On a hot Saturday in July, BCNS took a (short) well deserved break from the work to slow climate change and clean the air for a BBQ. Thanks to the Smollers of Peabody for hosting this fun and informative break. Admittedly, even though we were on a break, there was plenty of good conversation and planning taking place as well!

Peabody Residents!! The next public forum is now scheduled for September during the day at the PMLP McCarthy Auditorium. This is a quarterly meeting where you can meet with the PMLP manager and ask any questions / make any comments you would like them to hear. It is the only forum available to Peabody and South Lynnfield residents to make your opinion known. Please consider attending this quarterly meeting! (these quarterly forums alternate between daytime and evening)


Thank You! to everyone who came out for the ‘Stop the Peabody Peaker’ mass action on the Danversport Bridge on May 26th!  It meant alot to all of us and had a positive impact for the Clean Climate cause. Enjoy these pictures of the day, and if you’re interested in one of our BCNS T-Shirts for a $15 donation you can have one! Just send us an email at breatheclean.ns@gmail.com!

Despite repeated requests for the Baker administration and MMWEC to conduct a currently required by law Comprehensive Health Assessment and Environmental Impact study due to the Environmental Justice location of this fossil fuel burning peaker, ground has been broken and construction is now underway on Pulaski Street in Peabody without these assessments. This plant will spew up to more than 50,000 tons of dangerous and deadly dirty emissions from a 90′ tall smoke stack in Peabody when completed. Thanks to Steve Andrada for this promotional video regarding his upcoming documentary.

New Information released on Peabody Peaker!!  Two new reports done by expert organizations  – Check them out!
Peaker power Pricing and Alternative Analysis – provided by Strategen Consulting
Risks for Peabody Peaker Owners – provided by Applied Economics Clinic


Watch the Fasting for a Future Rally that took place Tuesday, March 22nd at 4:30pm in Peabody (Facebook feed may require Facebook login to view)
Watch the walk from Peabody Square to the Senior Center


Watch the Fix the Grid Rally that took place Wednesday, March 16th at 4:30pm on Boston Common to tell Gov Baker that he has to do his part to change our dangerous energy status quo. (Facebook feed may require Facebook login to view)

Fasting for a Future

Article contributed by Climate Courage

We, six members of Climate Courage, the direct action wing of 350 Massachusetts, here announce our intention to commence a hunger strike, “Fasting for a Future,” beginning March 15, 2022.  We hope to draw attention to the insanity of building new fossil fuel infrastructure at a time when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) tells us that the world absolutely cannot afford this.

Full Article: http://cleanpowercoalition.org/hunger
More Info on Hunger Strike

BCNS  sponsored a ‘Day of Action’ on Saturday 11/13/21 and had a fantastic response! Thank you to all who came out to continue to raise awareness of the proposed dirty peaker plant in Peabody. Special thanks to Representative Sally Kerans, Senator Joan Lovely and Gubernatorial candidate Ben Downing for their support and participation. We’d also like to thank Brothers Roast Beef , Giovannis Lake Street and Land and Sea, all of Peabody, for their very generous donations for all the participants who stood out in Peabody Square, the Danversport Bridge and participated in canvassing of local residents.
Also Thank You! to our other sponsors:

DPU Fails Public Interest and Approves MMWEC Funding

Link to MCAN Press Release addressing the Mass DPU action – 8/12/2021

Latest Activity and Info

We will be discussing our next steps to stop the plant at our next meeting – Every other Tuesday, from 6:30-8:00 pm.
Click here to join meeting

In the meantime, we will be continuing our efforts to educate as many people as possible about this proposed dirty peaker, and push for an alternative, clean solution to this proposed dirty fossil fuel generator in Peabody.  We are also working to change the existing regulations that continue to promote dirty fossil fuel power plants over cleaner,  alternative, renewable power plants and energy storage solutions.

If you’d like to get involved send an email to breatheclean.ns@gmail.com!


Article released 7/5/2021 by Paul Dale, Energy Committee Chair, Mass. Sierra Club

This is a comprehensive analysis of Project 2015a as it stands today, looking at true costs, renewable alternative costs, and explains why “The proposed peaker power plant in Peabody is unnecessary, harmful and costly

Breathe Clean North Shore members attended and spoke as part of the agenda at the regular public meeting of the Peabody Municipal Light Plant on Thursday night June 24th 2021. The PMLP commissioners answered our questions and agreed to have ongoing conversations regarding future plans and to make more of an effort to inform the public of their ongoing projects and plans.

On Tuesday night, June 22nd MMWEC hosted a public forum that included an extensive informational presentation by MMWEC and some of the member Municiple Utilities. Here is a link to a recording of the meeting. The question/answer session starts at about 1 hour 54 minutes in.

NEIGHBORS within 1/2 MILE RADIUS of the Proposed Plant


Tammie Lane
Blake Street
Pulaski Street
Sheffield Road
Wiseman Drive
Workingman’s Drive
Esquire Circle
Canterbury Drive
North Central Court
North Central Street
Buxton Lane
Dobbs Road
Gallant Road
Westview Circle
Spinale Road
Abbington Avenue
Gardner Road


Waters Street
Liberty Street
S. Liberty St.
Appleton Road
Broad Street
Soda Pop Drive
Riverside Street
Rainbow Terrace
Bates Street
South Liberty St.
Jacobs Avenue
Jacobs Landing
Mt. Carmel Rd.
Adams Avenue
Clinton Avenue