What can I do to help achieve an alternative, clean solution to the Peak Power issue?

What can you do? Sign the Petition!

The Action Network  has created a petition to the Healy administration asking for both a Health and Environmental assessment as required by current law before allowing the Peabody Peaker to run.

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Also, it always helps to be sure your elected representatives are aware of your feelings on this issue, so we have provided email address and contact information below.

City of Peabody Contact Info
Mayor Ted Bettencourt  Рedward.bettencourt@peabody-ma.gov
Councilors’ At Large
Tom Gould – tomgouldforcouncilor@gmail.com
Anne Manning-Martin – manningam@comcast.net
Ryan Melville – ryan.melville@peabody-ma.gov
Thomas Rossignol – thomas.rossignoll@peabody-ma.gov
Jon Turco – jturco9@msn.com
Ward Councilors
Ward 1- Craig Welton – craig.welton@peabody-ma.gov
Ward 2 – Peter McGinn – peter.mcginn@peabody-ma.gov
Ward 3 – Stephanie Peach – stephanie.peach@peabody-ma.gov
Ward 4 – Edward Charest – edward.charest@peabody-ma.gov
Ward 5 – Joel Saslaw – jdsaslaw@gmail.com
Ward 6 – Mark O’Neill – mark.oneill@peabody-ma.gov

Peabody Municipal Light Plant Contact Info
Tracy Valletti – tvalletti@pmlp.com

William Aylward – waylward@pmlp.com
Raymond Melvin – rmelvin@pmlp.com
Thomas D’Amato – tdamato@pmlp.com
Thomas Paras – tparas@pmlp.com
MMWEC Contact Info
Individual Directors do not list contact info on the MMWEC website (mmwec.org) However, there is a general phone # – 1-413-589-0141
There is also a general emailbox – mmwec@mmwec.org