Useful links to information on the Peabody Peaker Plant (Project 2015a), its history, and other misc. useful articles and comments

Info provided by the City of Peabody

(Contact info for The City of Peabody)
There is currently no information provided by the City of Peabody regarding Project 2015A. When a Freedom of Information request was submitted to the City regarding ownership or subsequent leasing of the land where this project is proposed, the reply was ‘no information available’.

Info provided by the Peabody Municipal Light Plant

(Contact info for PMLP)
PMLP provides a link to the Project 2015A website created by MMWEC. This link was added to the PMLP homepage for the first time in April, 2021.
MMWEC press release announcing the 30 day (minimum) pause for Project 2015A
Press release – PMLP’s statement regarding Project 2015A

Info provided by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (Mass DPU)

Public Hearing Testimony regarding Financing – April 25th, 2021 (after clicking on this link please search for docket # 21-29)

Info provided by MMWEC (Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company)

Project 2015A website
Project 2015A FAQ’s (also linked from the website above)

Info provided by Mass Climate Action Network (MCAN)

Clean the Peak informational webpage

City of Peabody Contact Info
Mayor Ted Bettencourt  –
Councilors’ At Large
Tom Gould –
Anne Manning-Martin –
Ryan Melville –
Thomas Rossignol –
Jon Turco –
Ward Councilors
Ward 1- Craig Welton –
Ward 2 – Peter McGinn –
Ward 3 – James Moutsoulas –
Ward 4 – Edward Charest –
Ward 5 – Joel Saslaw –
Ward 6 – Mark O’Neill –

Peabody Municipal Light Plant Contact Info
Charles Bonfanti –

William Aylward –
Robert O. Wheatley – 19 Southwick Avenue,Peabody, Ma. 01960
Thomas D’Amato –
Thomas Paras –

MMWEC Contact Info
Individual Directors do not list contact info on the MMWEC website ( However, there is a general phone # – 1-413-589-0141

There is also a general emailbox –