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Ask Legislators to co-sponsor H.3150/S.2117

I have attended and reported on the regular public meetings of the Peabody Municipal Light Commission for more than two years in order to help ensure their actions are transparent – which didn’t happen when they pushed a third dirty peaker plant on the community. Currently, MLPs are exempt from the same clean energy goals and requirements of Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs) and we can fix that by passing H.3150/S.2117.

It is a critical bill that ensures the equitable distribution of benefits and burdens of the clean energy transition by requiring municipal utilities (also known as Municipal Light Plants (MLPs) to adhere to the same clean energy goals and requirements as Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs). In particular, the bill requires MLPs to meet the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and the Clean Peak Standard (CPS) by 2030 – requirements that the rest of the state is already required to meet. It also establishes a $50 million fund to accelerate the transition to clean energy for environmental justice communities (like Peabody) , low- or moderate-income housing, and elderly housing that are being served by MLPs.

This bill is essential for Massachusetts to meet its own clean energy targets on time and in an equitable and just way. Take action to advance clean energy, equity, and innovation by calling on your elected officials to co-sponsor this important legislation!

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Let’s bring the powerful, local MLP model into a clean power future!

May be an image of text that says 'Why this is important? MCAN Mass Climate ActionNetwork Network Action 2 MLPs have made unjust and harmful decisions in meeting peak demand. Lack of accountability for MLPs has resulted in harmful and dirty investments, like the Peabody Peaker.'




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