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Notice of Joint Convention: Peabody City Council and Peabody Municipal Light Commission

The Joint Convention will be held on Tuesday, February 21 at 6:30pm in the Wiggin Auditorium, Peabody City Hall. The deadline for filing a letter of intent and resume to the Clerk’s Office in City Hall has been extended until 12pm, February 10.

As prescribed by the 1951 law establishing a Municipal Light Commission for the city, members of the Peabody City Council and the remaining members of the Peabody Municipal Light Commission will fill the vacancy on the light commission by the resignation of Charles Bonfanti.

There are 15 officials who will vote to select a member of the Light Commission to serve until the next city election are:

  • Thomas L. Gould 9 Abington Avenue 978-531-7374 Email
  • Anne M. Manning-Martin 37 Dexter Street 978-531-7539 Email
  • Ryan Melville 30 Hancock Street 978-912-0400 Email
  • Thomas J. Rossignoll 16 Johnson Avenue 508-320-3499 Email
  • Jon G. Turco 161 Lynnfield St #1 978-335-5709 Email
  • Ward 1: Craig S. Welton 195 Lynn Street 978-408-7892 Email
  • Ward 2: Peter M. McGinn 8 Park Street 978-531-3587 Email
  • Ward 3: Stephanie R. Peach 19 Margin Terrace 978-595-1173 Email
  • Ward 4: Julie K. Daigle 21 Fay Avenue 617-291-1271 Email
  • Ward 5: David R. Gamache 252 Newbury Street Lot 72 978-230-1539 Email
  • Ward 6: Mark J. O’Neill 21 Antrim Road 978-535-0563 Email
  • William C. Aylward 155 Winona Street 617-957-7325 Email
  • Thomas M. D’Amato 14 Samoset Road 508-878-2446 Email
  • Raymond J. Melvin 6 Curwen Road 617-285-1500 Email
  • Thomas J. Paras 123 Winona Street 978-531-7673 Email

Candidates cannot be nominated from the floor if a letter of intent and resume is not submitted by the Februaru 10 deadline.

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