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No More In-Person PMLP Energy Awareness Forums

The fourth Energy Awareness Forum of the PMLP is cancelled tonight, Dec. 21. The following is posted on the PMLP website: “Originally, the forums were for addressing public questions and concerns. After 3 quarterly sessions which were parsely attended by an average of 2-3 people, it became apparent that the Forum should take a more modern form if it is to succeed.

“Since PMLP values the opportunity for the general public to have a way to provide feedback, ask questions, and express concerns about the Energy Industry, we will be moving this forum online where it will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“In its new form, Questions can be asked and responded to in a timely fashion, and a historical online
database of information can be kept for any to see.

All future forum activity will be handled through a soon-to-be-created section of PMLP’s web page,
specifically designed to be a public Q&A area.

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  1. Ron S

    It’s too bad PMLP has decided to stop this public forum but based on their recent decision to not allow their audio or any other of their publicly funded equipment in the McCarthy Auditorium to be utilized for public recording of their public meetings, it is not surprising. The rationalization that ‘only 2-3 people’ attended is #1, not true, and #2 perhaps there could have been higher numbers if they had made an attempt to promote the meetings on their monthly electric bills that every customer receives. Despite their rhetoric saying they are interested in public input and participation their actions have consistently been the opposite.

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