General Election on November 2 - Get out and Vote!!

Breathe Clean North Shore is proud to endorse TRACY VALLETTI for Peabody Municipal Light Commissioner.
“I am running because I’m concerned about the health and future of our city and am against the proposed fossil fuel Peaker Project. We need a commissioner that will lead with a vision aligned with the residents and city departments to maintain and improve our quality of life. The negative health and climate effects of a polluting plant in our city and our world is real. I can no longer stand by as these warnings are ignored. I will advocate for investments in renewable energy sources that keep our communities clean and affordable. I will engage the residents to come together as a community to create a future that is clean, affordable and accessible to all. And, while the peaker plant isn’t the only reason I’m running, it does perfectly encapsulate the biggest issue this city is facing in moving forward.”

DPU Fails Public Interest and Approves MMWEC Funding

Link to MCAN Press Release addressing the Mass DPU action – 8/12/2021

What can you do? Sign the Petition!

The Action Network  has created a petition to the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs to Stop the Peaker project

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Latest Activity and Info

We will be discussing our next steps to stop the plant at our next meeting – Every Tuesday, from 6:30-8:00 pm.
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In the meantime, we will be continuing our efforts to educate as many people as possible about this proposed dirty peaker, and push for an alternative, clean solution to this proposed dirty fossil fuel generator in Peabody.  We are also working to change the existing regulations that continue to promote dirty fossil fuel power plants over cleaner,  alternative, renewable power plants and energy storage solutions.

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Article released 7/5/2021 by Paul Dale, Energy Committee Chair, Mass. Sierra Club

This is a comprehensive analysis of Project 2015a as it stands today, looking at true costs, renewable alternative costs, and explains why “The proposed peaker power plant in Peabody is unnecessary, harmful and costly

Breathe Clean North Shore members attended and spoke as part of the agenda at the regular public meeting of the Peabody Municipal Light Plant on Thursday night June 24th 2021. The PMLP commissioners answered our questions and agreed to have ongoing conversations regarding future plans and to make more of an effort to inform the public of their ongoing projects and plans.

On Tuesday night, June 22nd MMWEC hosted a public forum that included an extensive informational presentation by MMWEC and some of the member Municiple Utilities. Here is a link to a recording of the meeting. The question/answer session starts at about 1 hour 54 minutes in.

NEIGHBORS within 1/2 MILE RADIUS of the Proposed Plant


Tammie Lane
Blake Street
Pulaski Street
Sheffield Road
Wiseman Drive
Workingman’s Drive
Esquire Circle
Canterbury Drive
North Central Court
North Central Street
Buxton Lane
Dobbs Road
Gallant Road
Westview Circle
Spinale Road
Abbington Avenue
Gardner Road


Waters Street
Liberty Street
S. Liberty St.
Appleton Road
Broad Street
Soda Pop Drive
Riverside Street
Rainbow Terrace
Bates Street
South Liberty St.
Jacobs Avenue
Jacobs Landing
Mt. Carmel Rd.
Adams Avenue
Clinton Avenue